The Old Man and the Sea PDF by Ernest Hemingway

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When I approach any literary classic, unconsciously I think in a dense book, difficult to read, with rhetoric as lost and abstract themes. Maybe it’s because I always come to mind books like “The Republic” by Plato or billets as “Don Quixote”, bitter memories of high school. Hemingway thought it would. But when I opened ” Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea pdf” and started reading, I found a simple book, easy to read and with a background theme lighter than water. The vocabulary used by the author is very specialized, with a great use of the specific jargon of fishermen (not in vain wrote this novel while fishing with a friend in Cuba), but far from difficult narration, rich. Maybe little to slow a story that already is short i would allow a smoother reading, but worth it for the message you want to convey.
In “the old man and the sea pdf ebook” Hemingway tells the story of an old man one day, after several weeks without catching any fish, makes a great one the bait. And from here begins a tug of war between the old and the fish; each expects the other to surrender, as they are increasingly moving away from the coast. Period. Nothing more. And is that the plot of this novella, perhaps too simple, sometimes elongated, is just an excuse to talk about persist in your goals, never give up no matter how difficult the business. We see the persistence of the elderly and the physical and mental suffering that is subjected to reach your goal. We see the various stages through which it passes; is excited at first, then there are moments where the company rethinks and others where about to give up and do not, blinded by a goal to be achieved either way. And once you get done with the fish, we realize that the journey will have been shaped and transformed his values. So the old reflects on what happened and understand things I had never even contemplated before, all thanks to the trip he has done. Another interesting reading, multiple offers, has to do with sharks attacking their prey fish it once achieved; It is a good metaphor for the people who try to put sticks in the wheels when we try to fulfill our dreams and how we can not let ourselves be overcome by them.
From the point of view related to writing, “The Old Man and the Sea PDF” is a great story to learn the principle of the iceberg that Hemingway himself coined. The story shows us just what we see; not tell the whole life of the elderly, and we are detailing the life in the village or its people. It is not necessary. That’s part of the subtext, what we see and what we imagine we are given. Hemingway gives us fleeting details atisbemos old for this story do not tell us.
Despite a book is at the mercy of the message we want to convey, is a worthwhile read. Maybe more than one will appear dull or overly simple, and it is true that despite how short is there are times when it is slow, but it is very well written, the underlying theme is nicely contoured and sobering.
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