City of heavenly fire epub

City of heavenly fire

It is very difficult to review this book without any spoilers, but let’s try.

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Suffice it to say I’ve been a fan of this series since the first book came into my hands rather than by chance insistence. Was I one of my favorite bookstores (in Venezuela there are not many) and this little book called City of Bones I watched from the ledge. I did not want to ignore. The cover had many colors and the main character was named “Jace” and did not seem a very sexy name. However, one day I was waiting for my nephew out of his swimming class (Or was it the paint?) And had not brought any books for the wait and this was the only one in the library that was my style and had not read.

Since then Shadowhunters became some of my favorite reading matter. I have six books in English, in Spanish, I have recommended, and provided I followed this series, despite how much I like it, I must admit it has had its ups and downs. The first three books were simply brilliant, with a plot that varied on each page and created a universe very well. I never comprndí the meaning of the fourth and fifth book Sebastian / Jonathan emerged as a villain who could easily fill the shoes of his father, the dreaded valentine Morgenstern.

Suffice it to say I bought City of Heavenly Fire epub the day it came out and I took the day off to immerse myself fully in his more than seven hundred pages.

Would I like it? Yup! What I loved? No. In fact, I’m happy that this series is over.

It is a long book, with many changes of narrator and point of view and why sometimes it feels like they are going through a lot until you realize that nothing really important is happening.

City of heavenly fire

Too many chapters for Castairs Blackthorns and Emma, ​​characters not included in the previous five books and whose presence serves only to prepare the ground for the next round of Clare, City of heavenly fire epub version , which goes on sale in 2015.

It also has too many descriptions (City of heavenly fire is the queen of that, but this time it happened).There are so many that sometimes Piernes the thread dialogue and are not sure who is speaking.

As the end is say, too neat, too perfect, smooth. Being a Cassandra Clare book, an important revelation that will change everything I expected (Izzy was the true daughter of Valentine, Church was Tessa, Valentine returned from the dead to help Shadowhunters) but no, nothing. Nor any twist you heart broken and City of heavenly fire epub (for my series Origins is the best Clare)

I cried, yes, with the first of the famous “seven deaths” (yes they are seven, I counted); also in the words of Simon Magnus near the end and I also found it completely fool someone take a condom to a battle against evil in a demonic dimension.

It is a book with ups and downs, with dull moments and emotional moments.

Now, more than ever, I am convinced that the Mortal Instruments should have ended in City of heavenly fire epub.