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today I bring you a review I could not help but bring you despite that and was just written in my last post, but hey, Shadowhunters and them, they can not wait, there goes my review City of Heavenly Fire, the conclusion of the saga …

CITY OF Heavenly FIRE:
Original Title:  City of Heavenly Fire PDF
Author:  Cassandra Clare 
Saga:  Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments 
Publisher:  Destiny 
ISBN:  (Available 23/9 in Spain) 
Pages:  752 pages. English 
Price:  —- 
The darkness returns to the world of the Shadowhunters. 
While society is crumbling around her, Clary, Jace, Simon and his friends must come together to fight the greatest evil that the Nephilim have faced. Clary’s own brother
Sebastian Morgenstern is moving systematically makes the nephilim in . against the nephilim 
Using the Dark Cup transforms Shadowhunters creatures of nightmare, breaking up families and lovers and his dark army grows.  Nothing in the world can defeat him – ? must travel to another world to find an opportunity  
Lives will be lost, unforgivable betrayals, sacrifices of love, and the world will change in the sixth and final book in the Shadow Hunters saga. 
(shortened Synopsis not reveal too much of the story)

“We serve freely, because we love freely, as it is the work of our will, amr or not love her and we stand or fall”

The first thing I say is that is one of the best books I’ve read , and probably the best finish possible saga . City of heavenly fire pdf was developed further so shocking, epic . Yes, I must confess that I began to read those six afraid of death s that the author would have said, and although I did not like most , have to say to them the story develops and manages the characters mature and become great people.

Ah, first of all, I want to warn you that you must not read this saga end without having read The Origins , serious, or if you have thought to read, because in this book there are many things that have to do with the end of Clockwork Princess and things that have happened after the event. 
* Read what is blank if you read Clockwork Princess * In fact, in this book we know that is exactly what happens to brother Zacharias (Jem Castairs) to become human again * so far *

“And we tend to love Nephilim a very overwhelmingly Falling in love once to die of grief for love My old tutor used to say that the Nephilim were hearts like the hearts of the angels.. Felt every human pain and never healed “

The storyline is fantastic , it really is not too much revealed in the synopsis  (Sarcasm mode ON) of the book, but when you start reading it, captivates, grabs you . 
‘m getting told Sebastian , but the reality is that has already arrived . Initially, d arious institutions begin to be attacked by it s, turning neflim there are in Endarkened (Darkened). One of those institutions is the Los Angeles California s, where are the Blackthorn and the last of Carstairs, Emma , in which the focus s iguientes books by author . Well, it would not be fair to tell you much more, though, you must read it, you will love it .

“But there was something simple and elegant on the star. Was glow in the dark, the darkness that never on, and how it was only the only things that could never die, were solitary”

The story is epic, amazing and completely surprising . No doubt the book and promised much with its predecessors, but I must admit that this is one of my favorite s. The story begins with a harrowing introduction where it appears for the first Castairs Emma, ​​a girl who will be talking about. In this introduction, we will see the death of Emma’s parents affect the story and how, if you think about it, it is probably an important part of the argument of the next trilogy of Cassandra. 
Upon introduction, the story is over, that death occurs gross and completely heartbreaking that changes the course of history , discover unexpected alliances and lots of action scenes , and then you realize you can not stop reading until I finish it .
wanted to tell you also that there is a small scene between Clary and Jace gets a little … hot (not expecifica anything because it is suitable for any reader over 13).

“There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body and said every cell in my body wants you. Cells we shed and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old, because I love more each day than I did the day before. It’s science. “

The end of the story is just perfect for the series . Not a fairy tale ending (pun intended, P), even all goes well, but it really is the best ending that could be given . Although I must say, before finally finish the story , which is the argument and the problems have already been completed  ( except for a small temita we will see in the next trilogy ), it really is great, it gives you a closed end to the story .  course, there is one fact concerning Sebastian that will leave you with your mouth open wide …

“And when I die and I become ashes mixed with air, and part of the land and the trees and the stars, all that air to breathe or see those flowers grow out of the earth, or watch the stars will remember you, and I love you, I love you so – How was she smiled for a speech. “

City of heavenly fire

Although I have to mention to also, that in the format in which I have read brought to end an unpublished fragment Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices # 1) which is a letter from the Institute of Los Angeles and the Seelie Court in addition to two scenes drawn by Cassandra Jean , one that occurs after the book where the characters are involved in The Origins and e scena removed from this book with Magnus and Blackthorn children besides Emma .

“He looked as if it were the first star that had risen in the sky, a miracle in the face of the earth that he could hardly believe it.”

The way he tells the story Cassandra Clare is still fantastic, an omnipotent and omnipresent narration , by which narrates the thoughts and feelings of all the characters, jumping scenes for us to see everything that is going on in a surprising way . Also tells the story of an engaging way , with amazing phrases you’ll want to save and nice touches of character .

“Like the way I love you. I loved you recklessly from the moment I met you. I never worried about the consequences. I said I did, I told myself that you wanted me, I tried, but I never did. I loved you more than being bueno.Te wanted more than I wanted anything, ever. “

The characters in the story are very realistic, personified perfectly and personalities quite marked. 
see the big change in Clary , who at the beginning of the series was rather weak, malleable, now we mature, willing to sacrifice for what he loves with great ideas that will change the course of history . We also appreciate the great change in Jace , who at the beginning of the story was closed , always after a big barrier, now I continue to see strong but human, yielding to the profound love shared with Clary. 
Alec, Magnus and Isabelle are more or less Like, Izzy a little less harsh, more sweet, sympathetic and vulnerable . We even see some humanity in Sebastian , only a glimmer in the dark, that strange unaccountable feeling that feels toward Clary (at one point we see his human side).

“Heroes are not always winning – he said -.’re The losers, sometimes But still fighting, they keep coming back They do not give up That’s what makes them heroes…”

Also know Emma and Blackthorn brothers , including Jules, his best friendand what I fell in love, although I must say that Emma is great, strong, durable and a great warrior , but a girl nice, pleasant and has suffered greatly after the death of his parents, from my point of view, I think this is going to be l to better protagonist of the books, in principle , it is my favorite and some I have known. 
But the biggest change of all is the Maia and Simon , both stop being children, they become strong people who can take care of themselves, we see them grow, change, and ultimately, become heroes.
‘m not going to say anything more than that if characters not just no, but good. 

In conclusion , “City of Heavenly Fire pdf” is an amazing and fantastic outcome for an epic saga with a heartbreaking story composed scenes twists and turns, lots of action and a realistic characters and nicely molded.

And now that I have finished one of the most important sagas of my life as a reader,
one of my favorites and I always love, I must confess that hurts leave
 ago , leaving  behind  this little piece of my heart, all those nights reading  and
enjoying between these pages. It hurts a lot.

“We are all part of what we remember. Souls We retain our fears and hopes of those who love us. Whilst we love and memory, nothing is really lost.”

But I also know that I leave behind to start new books
fill my heart as well as in its time, has made this saga.
So …


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